CT Motorcycle Insurance

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CT Motorcycle Insurance

Bodily Injury
If you cause an accident where others get hurt or even die, Bodily injury liability coverage is there to help protect you. It can pay for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and funeral expenses.

Guest Passenger
If you enjoy taking someone as a guest on your motorcycle , you may want to consider guest passenger coverage. It can help provide medical coverage for bodily injuries if your passenger is hurt in an accident.

Medical Expense
Medical expense coverage can help both you and your passenger with medical costs and medical bills.

Property Damage
If you cause an accident that damages another person’s property, property damage coverage can help protect you.

This coverage fixes your bike after your deductible if you hit something or if someone hits you & doesn’t have insurance or takes off. It will also cover it if it tips over!

This coverage fixes your bike in the event the bike is stolen, vandalized or is damaged while the bike is parked. It is also known as Other Than Collision coverage.

This coverage covers yourself for injury’s sustained in an accident if the person that hit doesn’t have enough coverage or no insurance at all. Essentially you can sue your own policy to cover yourself.

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